Welcome to Space Paste Press

Hello there! Welcome to Space Paste Press, one woman’s adventure into the world of artist’s books with overlapping side trips into textiles, print and other art processes.

I created Space Paste Press in 1996 as an informal presence to help organize the cards and books I was making for friends and family. The name stayed with me over the years and now functions as a business/press. I am a native of Pennsylvania, where I earned an A.S. in funeral service education (I know, a funny choice). Although I never pursued it as a profession, it improved my understanding of anatomical and biological processes, which have consistently appeared in my work over the years. I later graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in studio art, where I also studied conservation of material culture and fashion design. While attending classes, I registered for an advanced graphic design seminar and was introduced to, and became enamored with the artist’s book. That led to a fortuitous position as a conservation assistant at the Lilly Library, which houses a world-renowned collection of manuscripts, puzzles, sheet music and ephemera (now every time I create, I think about inherent vice).

The artist’s book is a contemporary art genre in which the book functions as an art object in order to communicate an idea, or concept. Due to the format, the viewer/reader becomes an active participant in the piece, creating an intimate interaction between art and audience. Is that too much? Okay, the artist’s book engages the senses; you hear the pages turn because you turn them, you feel the texture of the paper under your fingers, you can smell the ink, you see the imagery and read the text, and you can often fit them in your pocket! I love it! Artist’s books allow for an inexhaustible range of mediums, content, structure and collaboration.

If you would like more information, an interesting and approachable essay about the definition of the artist’s book by Angela Lorenz can be found at angelalorenzartistsbooks.

I hope you enjoy it here,