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  1. Hey there, I saw your Altared States post and I just had to send a quick note and tell you that I sincerely enjoyed it. I thought it was clever. Then after a while I realized it was beyond clever. The very idea of a compact, portable altar with real significance and the power to lend a sense of grounding is one I have honestly not heard of before. It’s way more than a mere symbolic item worn around one’s neck. I sat for quite a while imagining the unlimited possibilities of such a concept/creation and its endless (re)combinations. It immediately reminded me of my own ever-changing collage made of collected images and inexpensive (yet valuable) found objects. I sit in front of it, look at it, make meaningful connections and am never bored; a jumping off point for hours of rewarding contemplation. You’ve inspired me to create similar vessels of my own. Thank you for the post, I will never forget it.


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